How do you wear a chastity cage properly ?

The world of BDSM encompasses a variety of intimate practices, and wearing a chastity cage is one of them. This intimate practice requires clear understanding and communication between partners. Compliance with the conditions of use ensures that the cage is worn in comfort and to the satisfaction of all involved. Discover in this article the essential points to remember about chastity cages to ensure they are worn properly.

Choice of chastity cage

The choice of Modern Chastity Cage is important to avoid discomfort and injury. Chastity cages vary in size, material and style. Choose a size that suits your anatomy to avoid pinching and straining. Common materials include metal, plastic, silicone and leather, each offering different sensations. You can also choose from a variety of styles, some with specific locking features or aesthetic embellishments. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Hygiene is a fundamental concern when wearing a chastity cage. It is imperative to keep the cage in a state of impeccable cleanliness by removing it regularly for cleaning. Make sure you maintain rigorous hygiene underneath the cage to ensure the health of your skin. This area can accumulate moisture, sweat and body debris. It can cause irritation or infection if not properly maintained. So, frequent cleaning of the cage and the area of skin covered will keep you healthy and comfortable during the experience.

Keeping the penis soft

To ensure that the chastity cage is worn properly, the penis must be in a flaccid state before it is fitted. An erection would make this difficult, if not impossible. To achieve this, you can masturbate or have intercourse to reach orgasm. This will usually result in a resting state of the penis. This is essential to minimise any resistance when adjusting the cage, promoting comfort and reducing initial discomfort. However, this practice must be carried out consciously to facilitate the safe and effective wearing of the chastity cage.

Be patient

Patience is another point not to be overlooked when wearing a chastity cage. At first, it's common to feel some discomfort or adjustment, which is perfectly normal. So be patient and understand that it may take a period of adjustment. You may feel discomfort initially, but over time your body can get used to the cage. If discomfort persists, make adjustments, perhaps by opting for a different size or style of cage. Listen to your body and adapt gradually for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Respecting limits

Respecting limits is fundamental when wearing a chastity cage. Pay attention to your body's signals and listen to your partner's needs. If you or your partner feel any discomfort or discomfort whatsoever, you should end the session immediately. The physical and emotional well-being of everyone involved is of paramount importance, so forcing the cage beyond its limits can have harmful consequences. Open communication and mutual respect are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

In short, the chastity cage is an intimate accessory that is gaining in popularity because of the many benefits it offers. To take advantage of these benefits, you need to use it properly, and that means choosing the right chastity cage, practising unparalleled hygiene, keeping the penis soft, being patient and respecting limits.

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